Anh G. Q. Hoang



As a multilingual, flexible and motivated coordinator with a strong experience in organizing projects using Agile methodology, my background in linguistic and pedagogy support me to listen, sympathize, and connect with people in achieving their goals. I am looking for challenging opportunities in management, communication, and training to be able to use my skills and experience in education to help further the aims of the organization.


12/2017-PresentAssistant of the Management Board

Hanoi, Vietnam

Agilead Global

  • OKRs facilitator to setup and follow OKRs processes to reach the company mission and objectives;
  • Develop new courses and revise current courses with the Development team;
  • Support Coaches and Trainers to implement courses;


08/2015-09/2016Mentor Coordinator/ Academic Board

Hanoi, Vietnam

FUNiX (FPT online University) Taskforce

  • Recruited mentors by creating job announcements, webinars to attract international candidates, and seminars at partner organizations to connect local experts;
  • Called and communicated directly with candidates about interview times and their wishes to contribute to the company;
  • Set up guidelines and optimized process for new mentors and current instructors to support them to understand the company’s process and culture;
  • Managed and developed guide-teams by communicating with mentors and instructors to follow their wishes and feedbacks; used their strengths to help them promote.
06/2014-09/2016Academic Coordinator/ Academic Board

Hanoi, Vietnam

FPT University – Learning and Teaching Innovation Department

  • Scrum Master in Academic Board to follow the daily working progress, communicate to support team members in reaching team objectives;
  • Coordinator of “Renovating curriculum by applying Ed-tech” project, reformed courseware’s designs and structures by observing and collecting feedbacks from students and teachers based on brain-based frameworks;
  • Supported PDP (Personal Development Program) team to optimize Creativity course’s curriculum and News & Media Literacy course’s curriculum by using benchmarking;
  • Reviewed of new teaching methods and teaching techniques; education psychology and its application in motivating learners.
08/2013-05/2014Teacher, Faculty of Social Science

Hanoi, Vietnam


Tran Hung Dao – Thanh Xuan High School

  • Taught literature, language art to grade 10 within the curriculum of Ministry of Education;
  • Managed two PBL teacher teams to integrate project-based learning into lesson plans designed for training, coaching, supporting them to set their goals, following them to reach their aims and reflecting with them after every lesson;
  • Trained and coached teachers to develop and implement collaborative activities such as teamwork, think-pair-share, interview, blogging, jigsaw, peer feedback.
02/2013-11/2013Literature teacher, Headteacher

Vietnam, Netherlands

Hanoi-Amsterdam high school for gifted student

  • Studied about psychological issues between students among themselves, and between students and educators;
  • Organized extra activities and mini contests to engage students in class;

Observed specific subjects to explore students’ ability to acquire new knowledge and students’ personalities.




Master of Management

Maastricht School of Management

·         Organizational Behavior, Managing Cultural Diversity, Quality Management




11/2013  07/2016Master of Western Literature

University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University

·         Psychoanalysis, Western Literary Criticism, Interpreting study




09/2009  06/2013Bachelor of Philological Pedagogy

Undergraduate School of Education, Vietnam National University

·         Psychology, Teaching Theory, Education Measurement, Practical Pedagogy




Training and Volunteering

10/2015: Teacher education certificates

FPT University, Hoa Lac Campus

  • Classroom management;
  • Positive solution to the challenging behavior in the classroom & tracking behavior;
  • Bloom & Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence;

2009-2014: Volunteer Club, Student Council

University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University

  • Played a role as a president of Vietnam National University’s Volunteer Club;
  • Led three teams to poor villages in mountainous areas to coordinate activities for children, included fundraising for local school and career counseling for local students


  • Microsoft Office
  • Social Media: Facebook ads, Google Ads


  • Fluent: English
  • Native: Vietnamese
  • Beginner: Dutch, German, French